Certainly a great start for the Ottawa National Diving Club at their first competition of the 2016-2017 season. The ONDC packed up their dive bags and headed for Thunder Bay Ontario on thursday december 8th for the Winter Provincial Championships. We sent a team of 5 athletes who are coming back to Ottawa all smiles! 🙂

First our youngest at only 10 years old is Audree Brazeau Howes. Beginning her first season as a national level athlete she set out for Thunder Bay with one goal in mind, achieving her very first national score. And we are very proud to say that she accomplished this feat on the 3m board and narrowly missing 1m and tower by under 10 points. She is coming home with one GOLD medal and two SILVER medals. Keep working hard Audree and those scores are right around the corner! Congratulations.

Next is Timothy Lewis. At 12 years old he has become one of our veteran divers for our club entering his seventh year of diving. Tim finished his weekend with two GOLD medals on tower and 1m. And entered the open category on 1m and 3m for the first time where he got to compete against divers of all ages in Ontario. A little more sprucing up on entries and form and he will be in top shape for his next competition in February. Congrats Tim!

Kathryn Grant definitely showed why she’s a member of Canada’s Junior Team at this competition. Finishing her weekend with two GOLD medals on 3m and tower and crushing a national score by nearly 100 points on both events. She also entered the open category on the 1m and 3m for the first time where she took home the BRONZE on 1m edging out some of Ontario’s best athletes. Great weekend Kathryn!

In our girls B (14-15) category we had two athletes. Talia Wooton and Emma Corrigan. Talia also entering her first season as a national level athlete. Her goal was also to achieve her first national score and returned back to Ottawa accomplishing that feat on tower. Having only competed on tower once in her diving life before this competition that feat is truly amazing. She is returning back to Ottawa with a 4th place on tower and 5th place on 1m. Congratulations Talia! 🙂

Finally our oldest, Emma Corrigan. Emma has worked day in and day out learning new skills and moving her dives up to the 10m platform. Her newest and hardest dive a forward 3.5 somersaults tuck was a scary order to handle but man oh man did she deliver. She nailed that dive for 7.5’s to give her the GOLD medal on her tower event. She is also coming home with a BRONZE on 1m and BRONZE on 3m open narrowly missing a senior national qualifying score. Keep working hard Emma and those scores will be yours!

A bit of an abrupt halt to the final day of the competition due to a severe snow storm. We unfortunately had to leave our athletes final events to make sure we did not get stuck in Thunder Bay. It would have been great to see how the athletes would have competed but our coaches know what they are capable of and are certain those national scores will not be far away at the next provincials in Windsor!

A big congratulations to all divers and a special thank you to the Thunder Bay Diving Club for being such gracious hosts and putting on a great event.