7 of our divers have just returned from the Tier 2 Provincial Championships

News › 7 of our divers have just returned from the Tier 2 Provincial Championships

14 June, 2017

Maya Rana (left) and Chloe Maine (right)

Well that’s a wrap! Our provincial level divers have just returned from their final competition of the competitive season, the Tier 2 Provincial Championships. We sent a team of 7 divers who showed some great performances over the weekend in Kitchener Waterloo.

Beginning with our oldest divers because the little ones always go first but its time to change things up haha!

Maya Rana had a steller weekend and a GOLD MEDAL SWEEP of all her events. She bested her competitors by 35-65 points on each event she competed. Needless to say she secured the Outstanding Diver Award for Girls B. She has been a tough competitor all year and has proved that she is the provincial champion on all events! Congratulations Maya on a great season!🙂

Jeffrey Meier (In first place on podium)

Jeffrey Meier has progressed leaps and bounds to get to the provincial championships. Beginning his first competitive season this year alongside coach Ben, they have worked very hard to secure his Tier 2 lists for this competition and he competed his 1m and 3m events in spectacular fashion. He secured the GOLD MEDAL on both the 1m and 3m events. He was also awarded the Outstanding Diver Award for the Boys B category! Congratulations Jeff on all your hard work and successes this season!

Caelly Nordman (Holding three ribbons)

Chloe Maine and Caelly Nordman also showed great performances over the weekend. Chloe secured a 4th place finish on the 3m and tower events and a 5th place finish on 1m. She narrowly missed out on podium finishes by only 2 points. Her highlight moment was by far her back one and a half on 3m. It was her nemesis dive in practices and her “scariest” dive according to Chloe. She nailed that dive like a pro, putting it in for 7.5’s and 8’s. Caelly had the judges in awe with comments like “wow that girl has some great technique” and “wow the ONDC is pumping out some great divers” during her events. She finished her competitive season with a 4th place on 1m, 4th place on 3m and 6th on tower. With a little more difficultly in her list of dives and some polishing up, Caelly and coach Mary will be a dynamic duo to watch for next season! Congratulations Chloe and Caelly on an excellent season!

Our final three divers are Taylor Randall, Emanuelle Roberge-Le and Charlee-Mae Hunt. I can’t express how far these three have come all season. Taylor began her season competing in Tier 3 on 1m and 3m and in only a few short months was able to weave together the extra dives needed to compete at the Tier 2 level on 1m, 3m and tower and secured a very respectable Top 10 finish in the province. Not many 12 and 13 year olds can say they are provincially ranked as being top 10 in the province! Emanuelle has become quite the diver over the course of this season. She may have had a bit of a shaky start to the season but all preparations led to this competition where she had her best performances to date! She secured a 4th place finish on 1m and a 5th place finish on tower narrowly missing a podium finish my under 3 points on each event! Im sure this competition has boosted her confidence to know what she is capable of in competition and make her work harder then ever to secure a few top 3 finishes for the 2017-2018 season. Charles-Mae was a great competitor all season long! She has had many successes along the way and went into this competition in fine form. Alongside coach Mary, they battled the competition throughout the weekend and finished in 4th place on tower and 7th place on 1m. Was it the result they were hoping for? Probably not. However sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. All the best athletes in the world experience victories and upsets but only after experiencing both can we rise to our full potential. This experience will fuel Charlee-Mae throughout the 2017-2018 season that when she has her shot a provincial title again, look out Ontario, Charlee-Mae will be one to watch for! 
Congratulations on a great season Charlee-Mae 🙂

Congratulations to all our divers and coaches throughout this season. We are very pleased with our National and Provincial Divers’ performances at all provincials this season we are happy to say that our ONDC athletes have won 6 Outstanding Diver Awards across various categories and we will be taking the 6 divers to the Dive Ontario Awards Night in October where their accomplishments will be honoured amongst all of the Dive Ontario membership!