23 June, 2018

The Aspire provincials took place in Windsor Ontario at the new Windsor Aquatic Centre. Some very prestigious diving competitions have taken place at this pool and it was definitely a real treat for our divers to use the same boards and towers as previous Olympic Champions from all over the world!

The ONDC brought a group of 4 athletes to the Aspire Provincials and returned with some great results both on and off the podium.

First is our oldest diver Marianne! Marianne, age 16, travelled with the team to compete in her 1m springboard event. She is unable to participate in the 3m or tower events due to her vision. She received the Dive Ontario award for perseverance last year and some of our judges were very excited to see what she can do after hearing her incredible story! I am happy to say that she did not disappoint! She came away from the competition with a GOLD MEDAL on her event! Congratulations Marianne 🙂



Taylor has improved ten fold over this year and put down some highlight performances at provincials! We are very impressed that all season these aspire level divers train for these moments at provincials and can deliver their best performance of the season when it counts! Taylor did just that! She finished her weekend with a SILVER MEDAL on 3m and a BRONZE MEDAL on tower! Congratulations Taylor! Coach Mary could not stop talking about how well you dove!



Our youngest diver Emilie had small victories in many areas at the competition. Her results may have not been what she was striving towards but at such a young age, growth in character and growth in experience go a very long way. She pushed through all her mental blocks and was able to put down 3 solid lists leading to a top 8 finish in her 1m event including the single highest score dive across all competitors in her age group that went for 8.0-8.5’s! Congratulations Emilie 🙂



Finally Caelly! Caelly once again had great performances! She put together the hardest list across all competitors in her 3m event and was rewarded for her diving with a SILVER MEDAL in the competition. She also showed amazing height and precision in her 1m event that led to a second SILVER MEDAL against her 26 competitors! Congratulations Caelly 🙂




A huge thanks to Dave Randall for all the awesome photos of our divers throughout the competition. Enjoy 🙂