AND OUR FIRST COMPETITION COMES TO A CLOSE! Overall the weekend of January 23 – 25/2016 was very successful for the ONDC. We had five of our athletes attending and we returned home to Ottawa with 14 out of a possible 16 medals. 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Beginning with our youngest, Catherine Boyer, 9, did a very good job this weekend. She has moved up into the Girls D category which is ages 9-11. She came home with 3 silver medals and her very first National Qualifying Score missing the other two by only 3 points. Congratulations Catherine, very good way to start the season!

Next is Tim Lewis. Moving in the Boys C (12-13) category for this season, he showed the older divers in the age group that he’s got what it takes to contend with the best Ontario has to offer. He came home with 2 Golds, 1 Silver Medal and his National Scores. Now its time to move on to bigger and better dives for the rest of the season! Congratulations Tim on a great first competition with your new coach, Brennan!

Kathryn Grant has also moved in the C category for this coming season. She had a great first competition debuting 3 new dives! She is coming home with 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal and 1 6th place finish. She might have been hungrier for the top positions but with debuting new dives they take time to perfect. She got all of her scores and by the end of the season those new dives will shine just as bright as the others. Congratulations Kathryn and happy belated 12th birthday from your ONDC family.

Emma Corrigan had a strong showing over the weekend as well. She is coming home with 3 bronze medals and all of her national qualifying scores. She is also coming home with 3 new personal bests in her age group and she also competed in the Open Category for the first time. This category is open to all divers who meet the minimum difficulty requirements, and is the first stepping stone to senior nationals and olympic trials. Congratulations Emma on a great weekend!

Finally Grace Johnson had another great showing. She is coming home with 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver in the Girls C Provincial Category. She has worked very hard earn her spot at the level and show Ontario what she can do. Now its time to polish up on a few things and move forward to bigger dives for the next competition! Congratulations Gracie!

Overall the ONDC is very happy with our first competition. Some things were excellent and some things need improvement as they should. Being the first competition of the season, lots of unanswered questions can be put to rest and we can continue to work have an even better showing at the next competition. The next competition for this group will be the Ontario Spring Provincials held in Toronto. Stay Tuned!