Final Scores for Talia and Sofia! Emma Corrigan with a Gold Medal Sweep at Summer Provincials!

News › Final Scores for Talia and Sofia! Emma Corrigan with a Gold Medal Sweep at Summer Provincials!

1 June, 2017

Sofia Perrey [left] Timothy Lewis [centre] Talia Wootton [right])

On to our 14-15 age group divers, Talia Wootton, Sofia Perrey and Emma Corrigan.

These girls all displayed leaps and bounds of improvement over the course of the weekend and wrapped up some of their final national qualifications, set new personal bests and more.

Talia set two new personal bests on 3m and tower over the weekend. She is fully qualified for her first ever national championships on tower. We still can’t believe that just under two years ago we started at day 1 of your diving career and now we are at the national level. Her 3m event she was rock solid and finished in 6th place. On 1m she was very consistent just narrowly missing her score by under 2 points. Now onto national championships where she can focus her efforts on tower and show the rest of Canada what she can do. Congratulations Talia on a great weekend !

Sofia Perrey has improved tenfold since the day she came to Ottawa in september. She has transformed into one of the province’s best divers on each event. She secured national scores on every event and finished the weekend in 4th on 1m, 4th on 3m and 5th on tower. She will be attending the National Championships in July on the 3m and tower event as an international athlete. It will be great to see her shine on the national stage before she returns to Mexico! Congratulations Sofia on a great weekend 🙂

Emma Corrigan, all we can say is wow. When you have athletes, judges, coaches AND parents saying “Wow where did that come from!” you know you did something pretty amazing. And amazing she did! She finished her age group events with a GOLDEN SWEEP! Gold Medal on 1m, Gold Medal on 3m and Gold Medal on tower and secured the “Outstanding Diver – Girls B” It truly goes to show that hard work pays off and Emma has just begun to show the province and soon the country what she can REALLY do! In the senior events she secured another senior national score on 1m and showed steady performances on 3m and tower as well. She set out to this competition alongside Kathleen in hopes to secure a spot on Team Ontario for the 2017 Canada Games. Emma fought very hard for this spot and it came down to the very last dive. Unfortunately she missed the spot by only 0.7 points. However she was named as the Alternate for Team Ontario which is still a huge honour in itself. We know this will fuel her fire even more for national championships! When you finish your senior events and you have the top competitors come to the coaches and say “wow we gotta watch out for her now!” you know you made some waves in the province. Congratulations Emma on what I would consider your best weekend ever! Now onto National Championships in Montreal.

Emma Corrigan – Diver in twist