ONDC Tier 2 competitors shine at Capital City Diving Invitational

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13 February, 2015

Ottawa National Diving Club Tier 2 competitors shine at Capital City Diving Invitational. 



What a start to our first competition for our Tier 2 divers. Catherine Boyer, Grace Johnson, Marianne Stintzi, Evan Rodriguez and Marika Yelle represented the Ottawa National Diving Club today and came home with great results.

Catherine Boyer finished today with a gold medal in the Girls D tower event and a 4th place on her 1m event. A very good start leading into tomorrow’s events.

Evan Rodriguez finished his second competition ever with a gold medal beating out divers that have been competing at the national level for twice as long as him. Could not be prouder of how he performed today.

Grace Johnson, after a long couple of weeks, found her strength going into the competition. She was on fire. She came home with a silver medal on her 1m event and a gold medal on tower. She was very determined and is just about ready to head up to the provincial level 1 category.

Marianne Stintzi and Marika Yelle competed the 1m event today. Marianne competed in her very first diving competition and has a very strong performance. Once she has a little bit more difficulty she will be right in the mix of all the Ontario girls. Marika has a strong showing finishing in 3rd place with only 4 points to 1st. With a very strong category and showing that she is a contender she is in a good spot going into tomorrow events.

The competition continues tomorrow.



The Ottawa National Diving Club had another strong showing today to finish off the last day of the Capital City Diving Invitational.

First up was Evan Rodriguez. He took home his second gold medal of the weekend on the 1m event beating out other competitors who have made qualifying scores to attend national championships. For his second competition of his diving career, he has shown he is one to watch.

Catherine Boyer and Grace Johnson were up next in the 3m competition. Catherine Boyer had a strong event against her older national level competition. She finished the event in 3rd place. With little improvements she will be ready for her next national level competition at the end of the month. Grace Johnson had another great event. She knew in her head that she could perform better than she did and that determination is going to fuel her going into the rest of the competitive season. She took home her second silver medal of the weekend.

Finally Marika Yelle was last up for the ONDC. Today was not her best day. She knows that she is capable of much greater and is already set to get back to work so she can show her competition what she is made of in London, Ontario in a few weeks. We can’t win every competition but today was an excellent learning experience that is very valuable to athletes new to competition.

A very solid weekend for the Ottawa National Diving Club. We had some great events and fantastic results. Now it’s back to work to improve dives and crush personal records at the next competition!