20 June, 2016

MAY 28 – 29 / 2016


There are rare moments where things could not have gone any better and I could not have asked for anything more.

Despite the lower attendance then anticipated, our ONDC family rallied together, divers, parents, sponsors and extended diving families to pull off one of the greatest competitions in my personal diving career.

First and foremost a huge thank you to all our parents who brought this meet together. Without your time and generosity this meet would not have happened. A thank you to our extended diving family with a special mention to Tatsiana and Julia Parybak for coming down from London to help with our competition, we really appreciate your help!

Next to all our sponsors, big and small, we appreciate your generosity and donations to help our competition run with great success.

And finally to our divers, you continue to prove time and time again that our club is a force to be reckoned with. 
To summarize, we brought a team of 5 divers to our tier 2 provincials and we finished with 6 GOLDS, 3 SILVERS, 1 BRONZE, OUTSTANDING DIVER AWARDS in every category we entered and the OUTSTANDING COACH award! Words cannot describe how proud our coaching staff is of all our athletes and how they performed over the weekend!

A huge congratulations to all!

The final 3m event I must single out Grace Johnson in particular on this one.

Sorry Gracie 😉

From the beginning of your diving journey many years ago, you have helped shape our club into what it is today and have become one of our cornerstone members and a tremendous role model for our divers of all ages. I hope your final 3m event right down to the last dive is how you remember your diving career. Your family’s incredible support right to your last dive and your hard work and determination throughout your career to retire as the 3m and tower champion! Your diving journey may come to a close but we are all so excited to see what you bring to the table as the newest junior coach for the ONDC! We are so proud of you Gracie and congratulations on your retirement from the sport!

Finally once again to the parents and family members, we never get to say this enough but without your help these athletes would not become the amazing people they are today. Sport helps change a kid’s life forever. The amazing life lessons that come from sport will help shape the rest of their lives. It was very clear that over the weekend, that we have some amazing parents within our diving family and we at the ONDC thank you for help making this weekend one of the greatest yet!