Well it has been a crazy two weeks and we are only half way through!

In the last two weeks we have had athletes travel to Halifax in search of their national qualifying scores and, just yesterday, return from London Ontario who was the host of the Summer Provincials.

We are very happy to say that our athletes rose to the occasion and have returned to Ottawa with great big smiles.

We brought a group of 4 athletes to Halifax alongside coach Kathleen.

In 8 events we returned home with 5 new national qualifying scores!

Outside of the diving world, the athletes were treated to a trip to Peggy’s Cove and a great team dinner to help celebrate Mothers Day!

Last weekend we brought a group of 6 athletes to London Ontario in search of national scores, provincials medals and outstanding diver awards! I am happy to say we finished with the weekend with all of the above! 9 National Scores, 6 Provincial Medals and 1 Outstanding Diver Award!

This upcoming weekend our Provincial Level Divers head off to Windsor Ontario for the Aspire Provincials. Stay Tuned for their results and the following week Kathryn and Talia are off to Winnipeg for the Jr Elite Nationals.

Big competitions and fingers crossed for big results to match!