And in the blink of an eye the 2017-2018 competitive season has come to close. Our final competition of the season was the 2018 Jr Development National Championships in Toronto Ontario. The Ottawa National Diving Club brought 3 athletes to this competition. Coaches Brennan and Kathleen arrived in Toronto with Catherine,

Audree and Charlee-Mae!

After two days of practice it was time to begin the events! Audree would compete on the 1m and platform events, Catherine would compete on all 3 events and Charlee,

at her very first nationals, would compete on 1m and 3m events!

Under the new rule requirements and new national scores just making it to this competition was an achievement in itself.

Of all the divers across our nation, some events had very few numbers which

was a testament to the divers who did qualify for this event!


Audree, competing at her second national championships, finished in 9th

in her 1m prelim event and in 10th place in her tower prelim event.

This little girl has worked her butt off all season long to prove that can dive with the best in Canada and to come home with two finishes to prove that you are among the 10 best divers in Canada for her age is quite amazing!

Congratulations on a great year Audree!



Charlee-Mae began this season with one goal: give the national level of diving your best shot! Who knew that 10 months later she would be at the national championships among the top divers in Canada. She has improved tenfold and has turned a few heads across the country and coaches around the country definitely know she’s a contender. She finished her first ever national championships with two 11th place finishes on 1m and 3m. Although Charlee felt that there was some room for improvement she did accomplish her coaches goal which was to achieve a national standard at national championships. After putting some thought into her performances she did come to the realization that begin top 12 in the country is pretty cool after all and that not many 11 year olds can say that!

Congratulations Charlee-Mae on a great year!

Catherine, our veteran of the group, competed on all three events over the weekend. While she had a bit of a shaky start on 1m she showed the country that she’s no push over and bounced back with a BRONZE MEDAL FINISH on tower!

Her second national medal in her young diving career! It was a great event and a well deserved result! To conclude the weekend, she earned a 5th place finish on her 3m final event. Congratulations on a great year Catherine!