Today is Family Day

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15 February, 2021

And this year, it feels a little different. Smaller. More concentrated behind the walls of our own home. But in a year that we have been closed off to so many, it is important to remember that family is has no restrictions.


  • Family are those who bring out the best in you.
  • Family are those that love and support you at your highest and your lowest.
  • Family are those that allow you to be unique.
  • Family are those that never judge you.
  • Family are those that allow you to be free and excel.
  • Family are those with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Family are those that come into our lives for the better
  • Family are those that leave important marks on our lives.


Family can be found in the strangest of places sometimes. And here at Ottawa National, we are a family to all our members. Our family prides itself on providing an environment where kids can be unique, be themselves, be competitive, be crazy and simply feel comfortable with who they are while pursuing a sport that they love! For the past 13 years, Ottawa National has been a family to so many.


“Ohana means Family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” We hope that even though you are farther away from your loved ones, we hope that you are able to celebrate your family today!


Tomorrow, we are looking forward to reunite with our diving family once again!